Drive 4 Smiles has been revamped!

We introduce to you... DRIVE-BY 4 SMILES



Join us at the 1st Starlight Children's Foundation Canada's Drive-By 4 Smiles (D4S).
An event incorporating our passion for cars, children and camaraderie!


With all the changes in the new world we currently live in, Starlight children have it the hardest. Starlight Canada holds many different events for seriously ill children and their families throughout the year, where they get to enjoy a day of fun and laughter and leave the pain behind. For the past 7 years, one of these events was D4S.

Thanks to our participants, we have seen thousands of smiles around the track over the years! Sadly, this year we will not have the opportunity to hit the track with these amazing children. As they are immunocompromised, it is too dangerous and their safety is of the utmost importance.

That is why the Starlight team has come up with a new event called DRIVE-BY 4 SMILES! This one-day event is a Drive 4 Smiles spin-off! Rather than seeing the children smile in your car, you’ll get to see them smile from their front lawn! 

We have invited Starlight families to sit on their lawn, get comfy, and enjoy a special drive-by of exotic cars.


Join us Sunday, October 4th 2020, as we hit the streets to drive-by the houses of Starlight’s seriously ill children who have been stuck at home in isolation for over 100 days!

The day begins with drivers being split into teams and following their Captain through different cities in Montreal, where you then will drive by Starlight children’s houses, wave hello, and see the smiles on their faces.

The afternoon wraps up with all drivers meeting together at the Orange Julep. From there, together, we will rev our engines entering the Royalmount Drive-In Event Theater, where Starlight families will be waiting.

We will go into the evening with a film on the big screen, food trucks on-site, and a special show for all those who attend.

Your safety is important to us!
While preparing for a day you wont forget, we assure you that all plans have been organized around the Government of Canada's COVID-19 safety rules and regulations. Therefore, to minimize the size of gatherings, the event will begin in seperate groups at either Porsche Prestige or Toyota Gabriel (across the street from one another) to ensure the safety of all guests while registering, getting in and out of vehicles and enjoying lunch! As your saty is of the utmost importance to the Starlight team, please note that all event planning has been reviewed and approved by the SPVM. Shold you have any concernts, please do not hesitate to reach out to the event organizers. 

*As there are developing changes to the COVID-19 rules and regulations, we assure you that we continue to monitor them daily. Starlight Canada reserves the right to change and alter any plans in order to protect all involved in D4S 2020. We take the current situation seriously and will continue to do what is best for the safety of our Starlight families, event guests, sponsors, staff and volunteers.*




Drive-By 4 Smiles Experience OCTOBER 4TH, 2020 LOCATION
Registration Lunch In
Register your vehicle and enjoy lunch
(Come gassed up and ready to get into teams)
12:00pm Porsche Prestige /
Toyota Gabriel

3535 / 3333 Chemin de la Côte de Liesse
Saint-Laurent, QC H4N 2N5
Drive-By Experience
Follow your team captain to make stops at the
Starlight children's houses and see some smiles
1:15pm - 3:15pm Multiple Routes
Orange Julep Meet Up
Gather with the rest of the teams at the Orange Julep
3:15pm Gibeau Orange Julep
7700 Decarie Blvd,
Montreal, QC H4P 2H4
Royal-Mount Drive In
Together we will rev our engines as went arrive at the
drive in where the Starlight families await. Then enjoy a movie from the comfor of your car!
4:15pm  Royalmount Drive-In Event Theater
8315 Chemin Royden,
Montreal, QC H4P 2J8